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We are going through some harsh moments right now, and we are sure that we’ll surpass these confusing times sooner or later. Today we are bringing you a set of ideas you can execute in order to keep those creative juices flowing while being stuck at home! So whether you’re a student or an avid photographer, here’s some photography ideas to get through the lockdown.

1. Explore Your Surroundings

If you have been serious about photography since a while, you’ll find this task kind of confusing and even unnecessary. But trust us, is not! Do you remember back those days in which you felt extremely surprised about the capabilities of your camera? Well, guess what, it’s very likely that you still have plenty of things to discover about photography yet.

Go back to being surprised by how light is captured by your camera. Remember those insightful moments you first encounter when playing with bokeh and shallow depth of field. Embrace this new phase and allow yourselves to be surprised once again by the wonders of photography.

2. Self-portraits > Selfies

This particular theme has been a lifesaver to us. Stop taking selfies and start doing some creative (and even artistic) self-portraits. This is a terrific way for both spending some quality time with yourselves, and to get better as a photographer. This has nothing to do with experience, and it can be a stress-relieving experience for sure.

By working out with a model that can truly understand what you have in your mind, you’ll be able to develop some art directing skills that will be extremely useful for you in the future after this whole mess passes by. You must be shy and you won’t be wanting to share them with the world, and guess what, you don’t have too! Try making just one creative self-portrait every day, and you’ll learn more than you could have ever imagined!

3. Develop a Concept

This one is for the most experienced photographers out there since it requires having a clear genre to work with. Hopefully, we’ll be out in the world soon, and you should be prepared for taking your craft to the next level.

Concepts are a challenging yet fulfilling way to make photographs. First, you need to think about some ideas that you would like to materialize through photography. Then you have to some deep research in order to understand your topic in a decent way. And finally, plan some of the photographs that you would need to create in order to develop that concept that you have previously designed.

If you’re a student just getting into photography, consider installing software like Adobe Creative cloud. You can get an Adobe CC student licence here.

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4. Befriend with Ambient Light

As photographers we know that light comes before anything else, but we do tend to forget about the wonders of natural or even available light. By being inside a place for so long (our places in this case) we could start noticing how beautiful light surrounding us could be.

We could think of three major ways for properly befriending with available light. First, you can observe how natural light enters through every possible way in a particular way. Then you can observe how artificial lights (like any kind of light bulb or LED screens) behaves too! And last but not least, you can use lamps, bulbs and any other light source to learn more about how it behaves when being directed or moved around an object.

All of these three should be seen with true photographic eyes, and we know it is a hard task sometimes! But make your best effort to see everything around you in the practical terms of photography!

5. Go Back to Your Archive

Last but not least, go back to your archive and spend some time with your own photos. This opens a whole new world of possibilities like:

  • Making a more efficient archival system
  • Building up that portfolio you’ve been postponing for so long
  • Stumble into some ideas that you didn’t see back when you took some particular photos
  • Being more critical about your own photographs and style
  • Simply remembering some great experiences you had in the past!

Alright, so today we won’t encourage you to go out there and shoot. Instead, we want to wish you the best, and remember to be just well informed to stay safe, but not that much that will give you anxiety and stress. We’ll get through this together, and we’ll have a brighter future after this!


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