Working as a Freelance Photographer: The Pros & Cons

Freelance Photography - Pros & Cons

Photography is a career that’s perceived to be exciting and finding a job in the industry is very easy. Photographers capture beautiful, amazing and breath-taking moments. Their pictures tell all sorts of stories hence so many people choose it. Freelancing is also just has glamorous due to the advantages such as working your own hours and setting your own rates. However, there are cons such as not having a stable steady job thus affecting you financially.

Freelance Photographer

We list the pros and cons of working as a freelance photographer.


Photographers specialize in wedding photos, to baby photos, sports and the wonderful world of fashion. You choose which specialty suits you best.


Every project has its own challenges and with photography, that means working long irregular hours. Photographers working for a TV station will be “on call” and avail themselves all the time. Photographers working outdoors face difficult weather conditions.


A number of photographers work in interesting and exciting environments. For example, media photographers always meet and take pictures of famous people. The same could be said about wildlife photographers who travel the world looking to capture that unique moment of nature.


Freelance work means not having a regular salary. You’re not guaranteed a salary; you also need to know how to market your services to business people. In other cases, you might be forced to accept all sorts of assignments due to financial reasons.


Almost half of photographers in the field are freelancers. Photographers also have independence in terms of choosing assignments thus allowing them to be as creative as they want.


Some photographers are forced to work in dangerous conditions. Wildlife photographers are in danger of being attacked by wild animals. Newspaper photographers can easily be caught in a crossfire should they be covering a crime story.

Photographing War-zone

African Wildlife Photos

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Great read, thanks!

It always take much more when it comes to freelance, need good knowledge of Marketing and sales.
Also lot more work than doing a Fulltime Photography job.

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