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Instagram Tips

There’s so much pressure to be uploading all of these incredible photos all the time when it comes to Instagram.  After all, the whole point of IG is to use photos and hashtags to connect with other people.  So, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you are putting out only the best photos?  Problem is, it can be hard to figure out what actually goes into making those photos. Some cameras and phones also save images in RAW format, so you’ll need a RAW to JPG converter once you’ve followed the tips below.

To help you one-up the competition, here are some great tips to consider. And if you have no luck, consider using an online photo editing service.

  1. Use a tripod: Having stability behind the camera is critical to getting that crisp, refined look that you’ve always wanted in a photo.  You don’t need to lug around a big one.  Just get a small, mini tripod and enjoy. You want a steady shot for those profile pictures and attracting attention on a site like Marketplace International.
  • Rely on the camera native to your phone: While IG’s features are improving, don’t rely on their camera function.  When you go with your phone’s native camera, you’ll be able to get everything from grids to filters to exposure functions that will simply give you a better photo.  Since the quality of the photo can only be improved so much, go with the camera that is going to give you the best photo, to begin with.
  • Play with lighting: Your phone’s camera is great, but you will need to play around with angles and lighting in order to make sure the image is crisp and well-lit.  When it comes to something on a table, for example, try taking photos from unique angles and displaying the object how it is best represented.  You’d be surprised what a slight variation can do!
  • Use negative space to your advantage: Since you need to keep your viewer focused on the object that you’re displaying, make sure that you frame the photograph properly, going with negative space as the ideal choice. You can make the subject the only object in the photo by removing the background. A white or transparent background draws the viewers attention to the object in the frame without any distractions. Try this free background remover.  Not only does it create a visually pleasing picture, but it’s also going to help keep the object the key feature and, of course, show your skill as the photographer.
  • When in doubt, add text: When you have a photo that you think just doesn’t quite what it needs to be a stand-alone feature photo on IG, go ahead and play around with text.  Find a quote that matches the photo or that speaks to you in some way, and add it to the photo.  Avoid going with a funky font that may take away from the photo — unless the photo would match it.  Have both works together and create that professional finished product that will keep people coming to your photo.

With everyone else out there trying to get the most views, likes and comments, you have to make sure that you are using all of the tools that you can get your hands on.  These tips and strategies, as simple as they may seem, will lead you in the right direction and will give you the attention that you deserve.  Not to mention the fact that they’ll help make you a better photographer, which is always a plus.

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The gram life is how they call it these days. I’m not particularly looking into a well curated feed, but just enough to at least up my insta photo game. Great tip on framing the photograph properly, hoping you can delve more into mobile photography in the near future! I would definitely be interested in learning to maximize the easily available camera we have which is our phone.

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