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Mobile photography is serious game. Want to know how to up your iPhone game and churn out stunning visuals? Simple, a tripod.

The cameras on iPhones nowadays have really made them competitive with some of the best cameras on the market. Even a novice can take some of the best looking photographs with their cameras due to the sophistication of the processing software. That being said, getting the most out of your iPhone still requires an extremely steady hand.

Smartphone photography has more to do with regular photography than you think. Thanks to more capable photography apps that allow us to shoot manual exposures in raw format, the more we need to keep our cameras stable for perfect still shots. Today we’ll review a couple of tiny yet powerful phone designed tripods from Ballachy.

Better yet, you can pair your iPhone with a tripod to get professional looking results. Luckily, there are so many different variations of tripods that you could get for your iPhone which can help you bring the best out of the camera sensor technology. Below, we will be going over some of the keys to picking out the best tripod for your iPhone.

A Tripod Buying Guide For Your iPhone:

1. Portability

First, you will want to look closely at the different tripods and the portability they offer. After all, if you are aiming to purchase a tripod for your portable capture device which is an iPhone, you are likely going to want a tripod that is just as portable. Therefore, you will want to narrow down your options to those that offer the level of portability that you are looking for. Finding the tripod that offers the right amount of portability is key. Luckily, there are plenty of different options that range from tabletop tripods to tripods that are meant to be carried. While you will generally have to pay more for enhanced portability, it is something that will allow you to take exceptional pictures on-the-go.

2. Features

Another major consideration that you should be looking at when you are in the process of trying to identify the right tripod to purchase would be the features that it comes with. This includes but is not limited to the level and type of adjustments that it offers, whether or not it offers the right level of swivel and whether it is Bluetooth compatible or not. Finding the tripod that is capable of offering the right features will ensure that you are not only able to get the most usage out of it, but it will also help you experience the kind of convenience that you want out of it.

3. Budget

Another factor that has to be considered when you are shopping around for a tripod for your iPhone would be the budget that you have available. Finding the tripod that fits in your respective budget is key. After all, there are all kinds of different tripods that you will end up having to choose from ranging from the low end of the market to the high end. The differences typically come down to the level of portability they offer, their construction type, and the features they offer. Therefore, you will need to find something that works with your respective budget.

4. Type

While you certainly don’t have the range of options that you can choose from with professional cameras, there are a variety of different types of tripods that you will be able to get to use along with your iPhone. There are various types including gimbal heads which offer better balance and stability than others and there are flexible skeleton tripods which offer great levels of flexibility when it comes to getting shots from varied angles and for those that enjoy filming time-lapses.

Best iPhone Tripods

Our Top iPhone Tripod Picks

Joby GripTight

This is one of the best possible smartphone tripods that you can buy. Joby is well known for making some of the top options that you will find on the marketplace because they offer exceptional durability and portability. This is a combination that you are not going to be able to find with a lot of the other manufacturers in the marketplace. It is so portable that it can be attached to a camera bag for convenience. Because it offers a complete mini-ball head, it can tilt up to 36 degrees which offer exceptional tilt to get photos from virtually any angle that you want.

CamKix Bluetooth Camera Tripod

This is another great option that you can consider. This is going to be a great option for those that are really looking for solid value on a budget. It is easily one of the most affordable tripods that you will be able to find on the marketplace and it offers the added Bluetooth functionality which helps you take amazing photos and selfies while you are traveling around. Because it comes with a Bluetooth shutter feature, you will be able to press the button for selfies with the phone stationary. This tripod lacks a truly solid build which makes it far less durable, but the value cannot be ignored.

The Ballachy Flexipod for Smartphones

About the Specs

This tripod comes in a variety of three colours (black, red and blue) and it isn’t just perfect for phones but also for action cameras like GoPros. It is extremely lightweight as you could expect since it is a phone tripod (just 60 grams). But don’t let that tiny weight fool you, it can hold up to 500 grams (which is way above any current phone’s weight). The complete length of this tripod is 150mm which makes it a perfect companion for any bag.

What We Like About It

Well, it does the job of making your phone stay still while both recording photographs and video. The great thing about its mount is that it can hold pretty much any average sized phone thanks to its clamp system. These are soft-surface designed so you don’t have to worry about your phone being scratched by them.

Beyond being straight forward, what we love about this tripod is that it has those flexible gorillapod-like legs that makes any surface a good place for holding your phone. We know that photography isn’t just about taking the shot but also about composition. This feature allows anyone to reach unthinkable points of view with the security that the phone will stay still. Nevertheless, we do advice to keep an eye on it at every time when attaching it to crazy surfaces.

The grips around the legs are a nice feature because when contracted it can work as a reliable shooting handle. Something the expensive gorilla-pods don’t have at all. Anything that is designed around ergonomics is very much appreciated, especially for people shooting during long periods of time.

What we don’t like about it

The tightening knob feels a lit bit too clingy for our taste, so we don’t recommend you attaching a camera to it or anything close to the 500 grams weight limit. Beyond that, we think this is a great purchase, even for its really accessible price, it is very well made and it feels great in your hands.

Why You Should Invest in this Solution

It doesn’t matter if you are starting out as a content creator or simply using your phone for everyday purposes. A smartphone tripod is a must accessory nowadays that we are being flooded with so many images around the web.

Lammcou Cell Phone Tripod

This is one of the top options that you can consider if you value flexibility above all. The unique design of this tripod allows for some of the most versatile shots that you can get from any iPhone tripod. Not only is the tripod meant for portability with a lightweight design, but it will allow you to attach it to just about anything that you can think of because the three legs are made up of high elastic rubber which allows you to contort them into any shape or position.

The Ballachy Compact Mini-tripod Ck-45

About the Specs

This tripod can be used with entry level DSLR cameras as well as phones, making it the ultimate tool for photographers who don’t like missing a beat. This bad boy is made of aluminum alloy and weighs only 600 grams, but listen to this, it can hold up to 4 kg, making it very trusty indeed. Now listen to this, when folded it is quite compact, 200mm, but when fully extended it can reach up to 440mm.

What We Love About It

Really, we do love it. Beyond being super solid, it is just like having a fun size professional level big tripod, but it can fit anywhere! It can split its legs totally for a low angle point of view, it has a ball head, making it possible to shoot from any angle you wish, and if that wasn’t enough for you, it even comes with a bubble level.

Everything is adjustable and works just like a regular big tripod, it is in fact a regular tripod scaled down to fit your pocket. You can change between devices in a blink too, and it comes with a variety of vibrant colors (we we’ll stick to the black one thank you very much).

What we don’t like about it

Oh boy, do we really to find something bad about it? It is amazing, and $99.99 isn’t an expensive price if you see it as the investment it is. This thing should last quite a while, and if you ever need to get higher POVs, simply mount on a table or a chair.

Acuvar Camera Tripod

This is another good tripod that is going to be much more suited for those that like to travel around with less portable tripods for shots with added height. You can find this tripod available in various sizes maxing out at 50″. Because of this, it is going to be well suited for those that want added height to their shots.

Revelli Lightweight Aluminum Phone Tripod

This is perhaps one of the most featured packed tripods you will find on this list. It is actually a true crossover tripod offering both DSLR attachment and smartphone attachment compatibility. Along with this, it is going to offer you the ability to extend the tripod up to 6″ tall which offers extreme angle adjustment and it comes with a complete carrying case for convenient portability.

To End

Overall, there are so many different things that you want to factor into your purchasing decision when it comes down to buying a tripod for your iPhone. Nowadays, iPhones come with more functionality than ever before. Along with this, they have some excellent camera technology packed into their small frames. Take advantage of the high-quality camera sensors and technology crammed into your iPhone with a high-quality smartphone tripod to really get the most out of your shots.

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