Choosing The Right Tripod For Your GoPro

Choosing The Right Tripod For Your GoPro

A Tripod is one of the most basic accessories you need to go with your Go Pro camera if you are looking to take exceptional pictures, wherever you are. The right tripod can help you improve the quality of the images you capture by eliminating camera shake as it provides all the stability you need.

Before you head out and buy the first tripod you can get your hands on, it is important that you first find out what you need to look for in the right one. This knowledge will help you sort through the huge selection of options available out there.

Read on to learn more about how to choose the right tripod for your GoPro, as well as a few suggestions of the top brands.

How To Choose A GoPro Camera Tripod

Consider the following factors when choosing a tripod for your GoPro:

1. Load Capacity

When choosing a tripod for your GoPro, make sure that its load capacity rating is 3 times the weight of your camera. Keeping your camera stable will be much easier with such a tripod.

2. Size

The size of your tripod is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, if you love travelling, and would like to carry your tripod everywhere you go, as you explore one destination after another you might be better off choosing a compact tripod. On the other hand, if you are tall, you might find a taller tripod to be a better fit.

3. Weight

A sturdy and weightier tripod will stand up well to strong winds, keeping your camera stable, as opposed to a fairly lightweight carbon fiber option. However, it is important that you strike a balance between the sturdiness and portability of your tripod if you intend to travel with it.

4. Cost

In most cases, the cost of buying a tripod varies from below a hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. Even though a costlier tripod might come with a better design, build and features a cheaper option might be a better fit if you usually burn through tripods in a short period of time. This will help keep your costs at a manageable level.

5. Features To Look For

Now that you have an idea of the main factors to consider when choosing the right tripod for your GoPro, we can look at some of the main features you should look for.

6. Quick Release Tripod Legs

The faster you get your tripod setup the faster you can capture the images you want, and move on to the next spot. Tripods that require one swift action when it comes to deploying and securing the legs ultimately help you work faster.

7. Swift Ball Head Adjustment

Look for a tripod that uses one lever to loosen and tighten the ball head. This way, you only need to make two lever turns to position the camera. Getting a high-quality ball head that allows easy switching between the portrait and landscape aspect is also important.

8. Quick Release Clip

Another feature that will help you work faster is a solidly built quick release clip used to mount the camera to the tripod. The belt clip allows for easy and smooth quick release.

9. Bubble Level

It is also worthwhile to have a bubble level on your tripod, especially if you do not have a digital one your camera. Alternatively, you can fix one to the hot shoe attachment on your camera.

10. GoPro Compatibility

Remember to choose a tripod that is compatible with your GoPro camera. However, if you do settle on one that does not come with a standard GoPro mount, you can still use it provided that you get an adapter as well.

Some Top Picks

With the above information in mind, choosing the right tripod for your GoPro will be less of a challenge. To make things much easier, here’s a list of some of the top picks:


This is a super lightweight carbon fiber tripod with removable legs. It is easy to setup and fairly strong.

Main Features:

  • Comes with a 360-degree rotating ball head
  • It has a 12kg maximum load capacity
  • Weighs 1.8kgs
  • Extends from a minimum height of 44 to 165.5 centimetres, and folds down to a compact 43-centimetre long package
  • Can be converted into a monopod as well


This tripod is designed to appeal to adventure photographers who wish to attach their GoPro to just about anything from railing, poles or even braches just to get the perfect shot.

From all the Gorillapod variations out there, this is perhaps our favourite. One invest in a Gorillapod because of its capability of grabbing tightly to any surface rather than for length capabilities. If you are an extremely creative GoPro user, then this fellow is the one for you.

About the Specs

Beyond weighing 191 grams and having a length of 25.7 cm this tripod comes with two quick release clips and a very well made ball head that makes it unbeatable when it comes to reaching any point of view.

What We Like About It

It comes with a bubble meter so you don’t have to spend extra on any other level, a very much appreciated touch. It can attach itself to anything, literally anything has the potential of becoming a tripod with this tool.

What We Don’t Like About It

It is small, yes, but it isn’t that portable as any content creator could wish for. It also turns out to be a little bit bulky thanks to its legs construction, but that isn’t a huge problem. This is a must for sure but beware of twisting those legs too much because they will eventually lose a bit if overstressed.

Main Features:

  • 360-degree rotation
  • Features a screw on the mounting plate
  • Weighs 0.6kgs
  • Strong foldable legs
  • Folds down to a compact 47centimeter long package


This is a lightweight, aluminum tripod that is suited to travelling photographers.

Main Features

  • Designed with a quick release mounting plate
  • Weighs 1.4kgs
  • Features a unique leg selection system for the best stability on all sorts of uneven surfaces
  • Extends from 34 to 144 centimetres when setting up
  • Folds down to a compact 40-centimetre package


In addition to being compatible with GoPro cameras, this tripod can also be used with other compact cameras and smartphones. Maybe after buying a Gorillapod maybe you could also consider something that fills the gaps of the short fellow, a longer tripod.

We have found that this solution fills those gaps from the Gorillapod very smoothly. This tripod is a 3 in 1, which means that you’ll get a selfie stick, a mini-tripod and a hybrid between a tripod and a monopod (or a standalone monopod).

About the Specs

It can run from 40 cm to even 120 cm, that’s why we consider this to be the perfect companion for the previously described tripod because it fills all the gaps that the quirky legs of the Gorillapod have.

What We Like About It

Well, the three in one thing of course but also the price is very nice. One could think that such weird inventions could be clingy, but this tripod is quite sturdy, which frankly surprised us a lot. You can use it for other pieces of gear but we highly recommend not using bulky and heavy gear with this.

What We Don’t Like About It

The knobs on this tripod aren’t the most resistant pieces, so be careful. After all, the price isn’t that high so we obviously lowered our expectations standard for this one, but we loved the 3 in 1 feature.

Main Features

  • Telescopic pole (extends from 16 to 47”) and tripod base (with non-skid rubber bottoms) kit
  • To attach it to the tripod base, the pole features a standard tripod socket at the base
  • A mount and thumbscrew are provided for use with GoPro cameras
  • You can move your camera through 180 degrees when attached to the ball and socket mount which comes with a lock switch as well.
  • Weighs 0.55kgs


Main Features

  • 360-degree rotating mini tripod head that is compatible with GoPro cameras
  • A flexible gooseneck design that extends to a maximum length/height of 13.4”
  • To support straightforward installation, the clamp opens up to a maximum width of 1.8”
  • This highly versatile clamp mount can be attached to traditional tripods, pipes, boards or nightstands.
  • For the best image quality, this mount should be attached onto a stable object

The above information should be enough to help you choose a tripod that can help you get the most out of your GoPro camera. GoPro cameras are sturdy, yet small and quite difficult to handle with ease. Thanks to this “flaw”, having a tripod is a must for GoPro users. Today we’ll share our appreciations on the best tripods you can find in 2019 for your GoPro cameras.

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