Vlogging Basics: How to vlog on youtube

How to Vlog

Within minutes of browsing the video-sharing platform, YouTube, you’ll likely encounter a vlog. A vlog is a video of a person recording their self, either whilst engaging in an activity or talking to the viewers. The filming is usually done on a handheld camera, mobile phone or GoPro, but can also be achieved by placing the device on a tripod.

The word vlog is a combination of video and blog, and has traditionally consisted of narrating or showcasing daily events or discussing an issue rather than being cinematic.

Starting a vlog is as easy as picking up a mobile phone or camera, recording yourself talking or performing an action, and uploading it to YouTube. The trick to vlogging successfully though lies in editing and promotion. In order for the video to be appealing to an audience, and keep them engaged, it needs to flow smoothly and be interesting. Editing allows you to cut out any of the unnecessary bits, add in a cool intro, catchy thumbnail, and call to actions.

Vlogging Basics: How to vlog on Youtube

Once you’ve edited the video and it is ready to publish, it is time to begin promoting it. Unfortunately, there are thousands of other vloggers covering the same topic as yours, and in order to build an audience, you will need to market it. Start by sharing the video on all your social platforms, and engage with your existing community. Ask them for feedback, and to share it if they think it was any good. You could also consider using paid promotion services, like Youtube Ads, or Facebook Ads, to target new audiences.

Tips on vlogging

  • Identify your topic and style (fashion, makeup, wildlife, travel)
  • Set up and familiarize yourself with the camera
  • Pick a location with suitable lighting and relevance
  • Show emotion and engagement in the video (as if you’re talking to somebody)
  • Choose an interesting and relevant video thumbnail
  • Be consistent and post regularly to keep users happy

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