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Lightroom Presets

Great, you’ve just finished taking some really mesmerizing photographs at your friend’s beach wedding or that holiday to South Africa where you saw wild animals like lions and elephants. The album is saved to your computer and you’re chuffed with the high-quality and detail in each image because you’re using that new camera you purchased before your trip.

But, each image is slightly darker than you remember the actual scene being. The beach looks a dark gold, whereas, when you were there it was a softer, sandy gold.

Or let’s say the animal, like the close-up of that one elephant, is a bit too plain and blends into the background.

Now what? Well, as much as we would want to go back and relive those moments, it’s just not realistic. Besides, there’s no way we’ll capture such an epic shot again.

But worry not, because we’ve been blessed with a myriad of useful software and tools that’ll easily adjust or fine-tune our images.


It is important to remember that most of the work that goes into the photo to make it look professional or breath-taking happens after the shot! Post-processing photo editing is a common practice among photographers, and it involves enhancing, cropping and adjusting the image to make it more appealing and perfect.

What are the different types of photo editing that one might use?

    1. Noise reduction
    1. White balance
    1. Contrast
    1. Exposure
    1. Lens correction
    1. Color adjustment
    1. Resizing & Cropping
  1. Background removal

And how do we achieve the above?

Enter Lightroom.

Lightroom is a professional photo editing software developed by Adobe (the same creators of Photoshop). This program allows us to make quick changes to our photos’ styles or presets. The program is easy to use and makes editing simple. The program is specifically designed for amateur and professional photographers wanting to maximize the professionalism and look of their photos. If you are an avid or enthusiastic photographer, I strongly recommend switching to Lightroom.

What are presets?

Presets are pre-designed skins or looks that you can apply to an image or set of images to quickly change their overall settings. Let’s say your whole ‘beach wedding’ album came out too dark and lacks colour. With a preset, specifically set to a lighter exposure and a more vivid color palette, you can change all the images in a single click, to be how you imagined it. As it can sometimes be difficult to remember what all the presets do, Adobe created a nice preview feature in Lightroom so that you can preview the effect of presets. Just hover your mouse over the preset in the Presets Panel and you will see the image above the presets list (the navigator panel) change.

Portrait Presets

Lightroom presets save time, especially when working on many images of the same nature. Presets are your one-click modifier, allowing us to quickly edit photos instead of manually updating each setting.

Where to get presets from?

Lightroom allows us to create our own presets, specifically designed to meet your desired look. Simply create a new preset, save it, and then apply it with just one click to any images you want.

If you prefer letting the experts handle the editing, I would recommend looking online, as there are dozens of professional photographers in all fields, some the best wedding photographers in Singapore, others skilled at underwater photography in Thailand.

There are hundreds of free presets available online, most of which are accurately labeled and are designed for a specific theme or style.

You can also buy Lightroom presets for portraits online, these are often created by professionals and can come in a variety of themes, with good documentation, examples, and advice.

Happy editing.

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