5 Places to Take Landscape Photos in South Africa

5 Places to Take Landscape Photos in South Africa

South Africa is an abode to inexplicable and jaw-dropping scenery bottled up in one country. From city life to mountains, savanna to sub-tropical forests, South African landscape spots are a photographer’s delight. 

Here are five of the most beautiful South African landscape photography spots that one should not give a miss:

  • Boulder’s Beach 

Famous for the petite and cute penguins throughout the coast, Boulder’s beach is one of the best South African landscape spots for posing with penguins. Touching, feeding and getting up close is prohibited but one can certainly have a look at the swarm of penguins chilling over the beachside. Read more on how to photograph birds.

Boulder’s Beach

Part of Table Mountain National Park, try out kayaking and boating trips at the Boulder’s beach. These give a wider angle for panorama clicks of the unique coastline.

  • Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve 

South African landscape photography spots are not restricted to a particular region within the country. Located in the Mpumalanga province, travellers say Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve is ‘A must visit’ and the one with ‘breathtaking views’ in South Africa.

Home to the third-largest canyon and largest ‘Green Canyon’ in the world, Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve boasts of rich wildlife, remarkable geological rock formations and giant waterfalls. If you opt for hiking, the spectacular views are bound to calm your mind and soul.

Here’s the best lens for landscape photography

There are many landscape spots that the reserve comprises. The Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Three Rondavels, God’s Window and Pinnacle are amongst a few renowned South African landscape photography spots.

  • Stellenbosch

The land of Wine Estates, Stellenbosch is one of the quaint South African landscape spots. The town is surrounded by old-style oak trees and white-washed Dutch-style houses.

The lush green patch of vineyards paves the way towards different estates within the city. It makes a perfect opportunity for a photographer to grab his lenses. Waterford Estate, Spier Wine Farm, Warwick Wine Estate have explicit landscape views to offer.


History enthusiasts should visit The Stellenbosch Village Museum and Rupert Museum. A short walk in The Botanical Garden at the University of Stellenbosch will fill the mind with peace and memory card with irreplaceable memories.

  • Cederberg

Keep your batteries charged as you hike up the hills at the mesmerizing Cederberg. While you hike, not many people will cross your path. Thus, giving you perfect landscape photography shots. 

Discover the natural habitat in its raw form, swim in the mountain rock pools, admire the pre-historic rock art or merely relax amidst the breathtaking views that the splendid mountains have to offer.


The world-famous rooibos tea is a signature beverage of The Cederberg. The unique botanical diversity and twisted rock formations are the cause of manufacturing this delicious beverage which is found only in this region of South Africa.

  • The Valley of Desolation

When at Graaff-Reinet, The Valley of Desolation is one of the best attractions. The interesting part about this valley is the rock formations. One is bound to get a different view from every angle, making it an apt choice for top South African landscape photography spots.

The depth of the valley, high cliffs towering about 90 to 120 meters and a panoramic view of the Karroo countryside from the top leave the visitors in splits.

The photographs from these South African landscape spots are keeps for a lifetime. Either in the form of a photo-frame or your phone wallpaper.

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