5 Ways to Get Expert Safari Photos as a Beginner

5 ways to get expert safari photos as a beginner

A safari is one of the most rewarding travel experiences anyone could have – and it’s made even better when you practice your photography during your trip. Safari photography is something truly special, but as a beginner, you may see it as a significant challenge. Here are five tips to help. 

Bring the right equipment with you

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to ensure you’ve got the right equipment to get those perfect shots during your safari. Getting expert photography often takes the right camera, lenses, and accessories that’ll assist you – budget depending, shop around and configure the right setup for you.

Most safari photographers opt for a zoom lens as well as a lens for wide landscape shots – it’s crucial to have both in order to score the best photos in any situation. Be sure to bring extra batteries and memory cards to avoid being caught out on the go. Don’t bother with a tripod, though. They’re too laborious to constantly carry around with you.

Choose a destination with the best photo opportunities

Getting Safari Photos

If you’re a beginner, you’re going to want your destination to work with you in getting some good shots. So it’s important to choose a destination that won’t cause challenges in finding the right locations or animals to photograph. Instead, choose somewhere which has plentiful amounts of wildlife, as well as great settings for a backdrop.

The biggest hotspots are perhaps the safest bet in terms of getting the best photography – the Serengeti in Tanzania, Kenya’s Maasai Mara and South Africa’s Kruger National Park are just some of the popular choices in Africa, but India also boasts a variety of incredible safari parks and locations to consider for something slightly more left-field.

Remain patient

 Patience is key when trying to get the best photos during a safari. Don’t get frustrated or upset if you can’t get the right angles, lighting or if there aren’t any animals around when trying to get your shot – safari photography often involves waiting for a considerable amount of time before you get that perfect picture.

Be sure to set yourself up comfortably and find the right vantage point before waiting it out. It could take a few minutes, it could take a few hours – but if you’re determined to get the very best photos, patience is absolutely a virtue.

Use natural lighting to your advantage

Expert Safari Photos for Beginners

The lighting on a safari is one of the main players in composing the right picture. The golden glow of the African sun makes for some gorgeous shots, filling the area with a warm light that adds a sense of magic and authenticity to the photo – wait for sunrise or sunset to really make the most of the animals basking in it.

Be prepared for any overcast weather, though. It could make it difficult to get the perfect shot unless you’re prepared for any ambient lighting situation.

Consider a tour to make it less challenging

 Safari photography tours are available for those who’d rather avoid the challenge of going it alone. These tours will show you the very best places to get the right shots, in the hands of experts and fellow photographers who will put you at ease. It’s a great way to focus solely on practicing your safari photography instead of worrying about where to go and what times to do it.

Safari photography is an art not many people get the chance to master. Take it slow, practice your skills and embrace the opportunity.

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