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Photography Portfolio Tip

Photography is more than just point and shoot. Photography plays an important role in many different creative outlets. It can be used for decoration or documentation. Or photography can serve as identification, or marketed for promotion. As a photographer, you need to pick one to focus on.

When we think of photography, our thoughts are often limited to shooting portraits or landscapes, for either digital or print. But photography can go beyond just the purpose of traditional use. Things like product photography, aerial photography, newborn photography, and fashion photography, for example, are less known about. Rather than just having pictures taken for inclusion in an album, portfolio or on Instagram, they can serve a wider purpose.

As a photographer starting out, it is important to build a photography portfolio. This serves as a reference to your work and gives prospective clients an idea of what you are capable of.

Anything can go into your portfolio, but you should focus on a topic/style that represents what you want to photograph. I’ve seen portfolios of just wildlife animals. birthday cards, sample wedding invitations, fine art, and more.

Photography tips on making a portfolio

5 Portfolio tips for photographers

  • Choose your best photographs
  • Keep your brand visible
  • Take the time to develop/print quality images
  • Ensure the portfolio flows
  • Include positive reviews from previous clients

Building a portfolio of your crafts is one of the most important things you can do as a photographer. Whether you want to sell your photos commercially or simply create a compilation for your own personal use, a portfolio allows you the chance to gather a concise group of images that represents your best work.

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