Beginner’s Guide to a Product Photography Setup

Beginner's Guide to a Product Photography Setup

A picture says a thousand words at a first glance. An impressive product picture contributes to a thousand website visits.

In research, it is said that 51% of Americans prefer to shop online with internet access. To reach out to 51% of your audience you have to give clear, attractive photos of your products. Unless these viewers can not trust your sacrifices. 

But product photography is not as easy as other photography. It has different indicators and shooting techniques. Even the most basic products require proper equipment, light, and space to create beautiful images. And after much carefulness and preparation, these product photos really sell to the buyer. 

What is product photography?

Well, produced photography is a kind of photography where you have to only focus on your product only. You have to capture your product photo from different angles and make it attractive. Product photography has boomed, we see it being used to full effect on e-commerce stores around the world. The product photography China creates is equally effective, and used on social platforms and by influencers to sell all sorts of brands.

Photography Portfolio Tip

Product photography helps to bring more traffic to your website. It enhances your website beauty and keeps your website long-lasting to the customer. It increases your purchase. Because people rely on product photos.

Beginners guide for product photography set up

No one is a professional within a moment. Being a beginner product photographer, you need to follow some tips and tricks. After following the rules that I have assembled for you, give you good product photography for your online or offline page.

But before following the tips you need some equipment for your photography. Without these items, you cannot set up your product photography.

Let’s discuss the equipment of your product photography and how to use them when you capture photos.

Essential equipment for product photography 

1.Camera: No doubt, it is the most significant part of product photography.

You may have a professional camera, wonderful! But how much you can shoot on the smartphone and it still goes for both photography and videos. As long as it is like recent models with autofocus and high numbers of megapixels (8+), it should be enough to capture enough details to deliver high-quality images.

So don’t be afraid to capture photos with your own smartphone. But we recommend a DSLR, which is the best.

2.Tripod: Anotheramazing equipment is Tripod. It is very useful for any size of the product.

Cameras in hand run the risk of vague shots. So, it is best to use a tripod and do not have to spend their arm and a leg. With the topic of the legs, a tripod is a permanent three-foot stand that lets you attach your phone or camera. Consider the time of purchase, size, and height so that it is right for your product and for the purpose of shooting spaces. And if you’re using a smartphone, then ‘Head’ ensure a mobile grip. 

For small products, consider a pocket tripod so you can get really off.

3. Background: Most important thing that matters in product photography is Background.

White Background is mostly used in the e-commerce business. Besides, a brand color, a simple flat background is achieved more attention. It is a curve screen or cardboard which removes distractions behind the product that removes distractions and the product is displayed for floating. A Simple background uses additional advantages to remove the product or do transparent background by clipping path by using Photoshop or other editing software.

Horizontal is a line that runs through the background, usually, it connects the wall and the surface. The depth of the horizon line creates the line but the line is like a quarter while shooting multiple photos.

Lifestyle background is also famous for product photography. Products are displayed in a relevant situation, such as a shot like camp in a beautiful house or camping equipment. A shot is great to provide the cheapest instruction or how to use the size of the shot, but be aware, such as individuals or natural light, as can work much more.

* Another matter:

You can use the lighting of white bounce cards that will be a bright side where the light is hitting on the side of the product and a shadow. This shadow side will usually be very dark and so we return to the light in the shadow, use some white to brighten it. 

The Foam Board makes a big bounce card because it’s hard and white. Alternatively, you can use black foam boards to make shadows deeper. Combine a white bounce card on the back front and black bounce cards for a more sophisticated light setup. 

Besides, you have to need a table that works best in a standard, 24-27 inch wide fold table. Depending on the tape that you finish with the table, you can use tapes or clumps to protect your board so that it sometimes sweeps it properly. 

Finally, A room which is for natural light. The window is big, the more natural light you will get. Being close to the window will make a soft light with darkness, soft shadow. Being far away is an even light, but with lighter, with sharp shade.

Create your product photo portfolio 

Create the image of your best product photography. You can have only one product for you. Although good now, it is good to think of the big picture. And it is especially true when shooting multiple products. 

If you have a compatible look in your photos, your color palette, saturation or filter, composition, position, and you want to achieve through any context or situation placed in your product. Duplicate is a great way to establish your photography style.


Setting up: 

As a beginner, setting up your product photography is a little bit tricky! You have to maintain some things that will quickly reach your goal.

Image size 

Image size is a big matter in product photography. So, we are mentioning the size of your image as well as the size of the file. You can set most of the cameras in the portrait, landscape, or whatever you like.

For products, you are always the best to shoot in the form of the highest file you can always reduce it. Where possible, select for a raw file instead of a compressed JPEG.

Natural light and artificial 

If you capture people or your product is intended for outdoor use, natural light makes sense. Although it has some challenges, we recommend reading this guide in natural light before we start.It’s also help you to increase your product breathiness then you don’t need any photo retouching service for further work.

On the other hand, artificial light gives you much more control because it gives you more comfort. Continuous light-such that you can have a strong lamp-it makes it easy to adjust the light for your ideal conditions rather than relying on flash. A predetermined light determines the status of the shot from the shot of shots, adjusts for dramatic shades, size, or product details.

Shooting Products: 

In a camera ViewPoint, We all have three perspectives. 

Eye-level shots, at the same level, as a high shot above the product, taken from a little above the product, find less shot, to find the product slightly. 

Camera corners have continuous ways to shoot products, but here is the most common. The front angle seems in front of the shooting from the eye level. You’ll see it on eCommerce sites because it makes it easy to identify as a way to capture a fair and products. The image is usually taken towards eye-level by the angle of incomplete profile through Unique. 

This angle is often displayed in graduate sites so that the logo is visible.


Whatever you can do, it is true that you have to need a lot of patience to be a perfect product photographer. Beginner’s Guide to a Product Photography Setup, the article helps you a lot hopefully.

We urge you to follow the rules and try to be a good product photographer for your own website. Don’t feel shy to take a photo of your product.

Always remember, none can be a professional in a day. So, as a beginner don’t feel bothered. Just take a breath and start taking product photography!

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