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The best time for taking adventure photos for your next booklet

Adventure photography is one of the most interesting parts of photography. Some of the most appealing and colorful photos on the internet are photos taken in nature. A mere look at a photo taken in nature has the power of making you feel alive again thanks to the natural colors in these photos. However, while taking adventure photos, it is very important to take them at the right time of the day if you want to get the best out of your camera. If you’re a photographer, you will notice that a photo taken at midday will look different from that taken in the evening at 6 pm.

This means the time of day is very key when it comes to the overall result of your photoshoot. In photography, the biggest factor that makes a photo special is how well you balance the light in the photo. Someone taking photos in a studio has absolute control over his light. However, if you’re intending to take outdoor photos, you will always be at the mercy of the sun and the weather conditions. That is why it is important to do your research about the expected weather conditions before the shoot to avoid being disappointed on the D-day. 

Today, I am going to share with you the best time of the day for taking adventure photos for your next booklet printing.

There are several myths about the best time of the day for taking photos. Some people say the best time to take photos is at sunrise and some say at sunset. But from research made about some of the best photoshoots, it has been discovered that the best time for taking outdoor or adventure photos is at the golden hour. One may ask what is the golden hour?

A golden hour is the time just after the sunrise and just before the sunset. So, you should target to take the photos just after the sunrise or just before the sunset. The choice between the morning golden hour and the evening one all depends on your arrangement and what of the two options is more convenient for you.Here is why the golden hour is the best time of the day to take adventure photos

  • The warm light present at these times: During the golden hour, the light from the sun is not as much like it is during the mid-hours of the day. The warm and flattering light is what will bring the best out of your outdoor photos. This warm light is always present during the golden hour
  • Your shots look best when the shadows on them are soft and diffused: This type of scenario can best be achieved during the golden hour
  • The golden hour is best for portraits: Using the sun as your backlight will always bring the best out of your portrait shoots. This is best achieved by putting your subject in between the sun and your camera. This kind of scenario can only be achieved during the golden hour when the sun is a bit low and not high up in the sky.

Taking pictures in the golden hour is interesting but it has some challenges that you must overcome to get the best out this time. Some of these challenges include;

  • The lighting changes so quickly. During the golden hour, the sun is either rising or going down. Within a period of about 20 minutes, the lighting conditions can be totally different. So, taking photos at such times requires being fast enough to beat the speed of the sun. If you intend to take photos during the golden hour, always ensure you have everything ready so that the only remaining thing is positioning your subjects and taking photos.
  • It’s normally not the convenient time of the day: Getting to the photo scene just after sunrise or before sunset can be challenging especially if the photoshoot was not well planned. To overcome this, always make sure everyone supposed to be in the shoot prepares in time in order to beat the time and avoid being in a rush of getting the best quality light.


Taking the best adventure photos will always be determined by the light conditions. Taking a photo at noon isn’t a bad idea but it will look just like any other photo and there will be nothing special about it. It’s for this reason that most photographers target the golden hour in order to take shots that look outstanding from the rest. In a few scenarios, some people also love taking photos during the blue hour which is the hour just before the sunrise and after the sunset. This time of the day is ideal for photographers who want some bit of darkness in their subjects

For your photo booklets, you may choose to have a combination of photos taken at different times but ensure those taken during the golden hour dominate in order to make the photo booklet outstanding. If possible, you can also take a couple of photos during the blue hour as well. To get the best shots, make sure you prepare early enough so that you don’t waste any time while taking shots since the light conditions are always changing so fast during the golden hour.

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