The Rise of Action Camera Videographers

Action Camera Videographers

What is an Action Camera Videographer?  It’s somebody who uses their action camera to capture videos and clips. These products are now small enough to go almost anywhere, giving them a unique ability to produce very different videos from traditional video cameras.

What You Need To Be Good

Every action camera (aka sports action camera) videographer must have the right eye for video, and be able to determine how a specific shot should be taken. It’s about the inherent qualities that allow you to see the beauty (or potential action) in the most unexpected places to capture the scene.

When a video involves a subject (human or animal), a good videographer must be able to know how to interact with their subject to be able to come up with good footage. If one does not know how to be able to communicate effectively, then it would be difficult for them to understand how to capture the right scene. As an action camera videographer, there are many additional considerations to take into account, as action cameras can go in SO MANY different places (e.g. on a bike, on a helmet, in the air on a drone, in a car, on a boat, etc, etc). Know your environment, and know your subject.

How to be a good videographer also depends on what your niche is. Every single slot has a different type of quality. It’s like adapting to the conditions of your subject. When in doubt, keep things SIMPLE. Making things more complicated than necessary may have a negative impact on how the scene is captured.

Here are some of the qualities every competent action camera videographer should have.

Creativity and Imagination

Videography has been and will always be in the form of art. Yes, even action camera videography. What is art?  Well, you know it when you see it, as they say, and when you see an amazing action camera video, you know it is art. How are these scenes captured? You must have a creative and imaginative eye to be able to come up with a good scene. You must see the difference between ordinary and extraordinary; after all, this is where genius is born. For beginners, even if you are not inclined with art, you must be able to learn and compose a different side of your artistic craft.

There are different basic composition and rules to capture a great video, but it always creativity and imagination that guides us.

Keen Eye for Details

You must have a keen eye for details and will be able to identify every single element within the photo, lighting, composition, subject and everything else should be in between. You must be able to convey the right vision or image.  What is the end result you want for your audience?  Keep this in mind.

Train yourself to have a unique eye to see details immediately.  Details are everywhere; you need to learn what they are and be able to see them.

Know Proper Lighting

 It plays a vital role in capturing the right moment. It could either make or break a particular clip. There are three essential compositions when taking videos and these should be taken into consideration when it comes to taking action camera videos.

Front lighting can remove shadows, and when it is used correctly, it can bring superb features to the subject. This should be the one to use by beginners and photo hobbyist to ensure that this can beautify the video.

Professionals use backlighting and if properly used this can bring a halo effect making it more artistic. If this is adequately utilized, this can be a perfect position to bring topics to crowning glory.

Side lighting is often hard to blend; a videographer must learn how to utilize to bring that perfect shot.

Must be Flexible and Endure Patience

In this kind of field, you must be flexible and patient enough to be able to withstand every single issue that you will encounter. No matter how you control the variable, it will be tough because there are times that your subject or scene (or nature!) is not cooperative. This makes a big hustle on your shoot, and this will test your patience to make the project going.

Whatever job you may be in, it is equally important to have patience as it is always the essential quality that you have in a particular situation. You must be patient enough to keep trying when you can’t just get the right shot. You could consider using a professional photography website to help.

Being flexible also plays a significant role in this kind of job as you need to be able to adjust to every single situation to keep the project moving. Like they have always said, you cannot do a specific job if you like this trait as this is still connected to patients after all.

Must-Have Good People Skills

Any professional job requires a person to have good people skills. It is something that we should have as a trait. As a videographer, you should be able to know how to connect and communicate effectively with others. Knowing how to take a simple shot is not enough. You need to be able to communicate. Making your subject feel at ease should be easy if you can talk to them and make them feel at ease. Get them to cooperate and get all the right emotions out of them.

You must be passionate

Being passionate about what you will make you stand out from the rest. It takes a lot of effort to be able to understand the one who succeed and the one who manage to make a name for themselves. Being passionate means, you are on your way to the success of being a good videographer because you want to make your photo in perfect shape and make it worthy. You want every single scene to be meaningful to your client and must be able to capture the emotions to which will make a great video clip.

Have the right hardware

Action cameras have matured significantly in the last few years, so there are many options to choose from (not just overpriced GoPro cameras). Try to choose a company that has been around for at least a few years to ensure they have a quality product with a track record and one that is based in your country in case you have any support or warranty concerns (or if you need parts – we often put these action cameras through hell and back!). If you are located in Canada, we recommend this Canadian Action Camera company for your action camera needs. Now go out there and make some videos!

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