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nude in public new york

Taking photographs in public is nerve-wracking as it is. Imagine needing to do it without clothes on?

Late last year, the popular German photographer, Kristian Liebrand took to the streets of New York. His mission? To photograph Lucy Modéle, a nude model. But not for recreational purposes or commercial purposes, this shoot was for a charity project aimed at raising awareness around cancer.

Courage makes art and vice versa.

The shoot took place over several days and 23 different public locations. The presence of police, security, and surveillance cameras put a lot of pressure on the photographer and model. In addition, all the bystanders in this overcrowded metropolis eagerly steal glances or frown at what was going on. Shooting the entire thing was a challenge – from needing to quickly set up, pose, snap, pack up, and go. We were so fortunate that both the photographer and model worked well together – their synergy made this project a success. Because we spent so little time at each location, the pictures need to be correct the first time around. There was no second take or returning back. The model literally undressed in a few seconds and posed, before putting her jacket back on and moving to the next location. Things like perspective, focus, and good camera settings played an integral role in the shooting. =

In the area known as DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) you’ll find people queuing up to take photos. Of course, our type of photo was very different – which meant we needed to be discreet. There’s so many iconic photography locations from NYC to Manhattan.

Making of Nude in New York

With this action, we want to create the consciousness that every 35 seconds, someone somewhere in the world is diagnosed with blood cancer

The photos will be sold from 2020 in the form of a photo calendar and as canvas pictures. The proceeds would be donated to the fight against blood cancer. You can find out more here:

About blood cancer

Each type of blood cancer is different, but they can share some common symptoms and signs. Blood cancer occurs when something goes wrong with the development of your blood cells. Some people may not have any symptoms until the disease is advanced. Or, sometimes the symptoms may be mistaken for a severe cold or flu.

If you wish to support this cause and see the rest of the photos and a behind the scenes video, please visit

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