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Old Camera - Going Digital

Did you get a new digital camera for Christmas? If not, chances are that you didn’t get a new one because you already have a nice camera – or you’re in the minority who refuse to go digital (you like your film camera just fine!)

Most people have digital cameras today. Whether you just received your first or upgraded camera or you’ve had one for quite a while, it’s common to initially enthusiastically take hundreds of pictures. But then we use your camera less and less often and finally forget to even take it along when going out. And we miss lots of great opportunities!

Just as one example – it’s no secret that the first child has baby books upon baby books loaded with photographs. The second child still gets photos taken, however just not every time junior ate; or blinked; or slept; or sat in the swing. Sadly by the time, the third child arrives there are fewer and fewer baby photos taken.

So stop missing those great opportunities.

Below are five great reasons to shoot more digital photos:

  1. Instant gratification – what did we ever do before the one-hour photo booth? We like to see our photographs now! Heaven forbid we’d have to wait 24-72 hours to receive film back! Does this scene sound familiar: You snap the photo of the adorable, silly children and almost instantly the kids swarm you with “Let me see! Let me see!” They want to see the photo now! They probably wouldn’t even have the patience to wait for the Polaroid ”Instamatic” film. (Some of you may be too young to remember that camera!)
  2. No worries of degradation – don’t you hate it when your memories of your favorite event are shattered because the photographs became damaged? A ruined photograph can bring a world of heartache. With digital photos, you have no worries of the picture degrading. If it fades or becomes wet, you have a digital back up to print out again. Sadly, folks have had photographs ruined due to flooding or fire. Digital photographs can help bring back some of those lost moments.
  3. Ability to re-shoot the whoopsies – have you ever waited to have a roll of film developed only to find out that you had the lens cap on the entire time? Other whoopsies include using old, discolored film which produced extremely poor quality photographs; photos with not much visible except the finger of the photographer that was affixed directly in front of the lens; dark photos because the flash didn’t work; or simply goofy looks on people’s faces because they weren’t ready when you snapped the picture. You have the ability to avoid all the above whoopsies if you use your digital camera. You will tell instantly if the moment was properly captured or if you need to try again.
  4. If you blink life will pass you by – life is full of woulda, shoulda, coulda. Last time we checked the clock only goes forward; we don’t have the opportunity to regain missed opportunities. Children are a good indicator of time. Seems like just yesterday they were bald and without teeth. Now you’re picking out an outfit for the senior prom. You can’t believe you’re a grandma already. And now you are the one who is bald and without teeth! If you blink life will pass you by. Taking photographs along the way, at regular intervals, is an excellent way to freeze time. So the next time you say to your children, “do you remember the time…” and they respond in the negative that they have no recollection of that event, you can pull out the photos, show them, and enjoy reliving the memories all over again.
  5. To leave a legacy – let’s face it, none of us are immortal. We will all leave this earth someday. Wouldn’t you like to leave your children and your children’s children photographs from the good old days? They say you can’t take it with you. But you sure can leave it for others to enjoy. Don’t you want your grandchildren (born or yet to be born) to hear and see stories from yesteryear?

If the five reasons above haven’t inspired you to check for fresh batteries and get out your digital camera – we don’t know what will! You obviously had a spark of photography enthusiasm when you first acquired that new camera. Isn’t it time to capture some more memories?

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