Canon VS Nikon: Which Camera is Better As a Beginner?

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Canon Vs Nikon

Choosing the right photographic equipment is very important if you plan on going on shoots regularly. As discussed, the most versatile format to own belongs to the realm of digital cameras. The next question becomes what type of digital camera (SLR, point-and shoot) you’d be interested in, based on what you envisage using the camera for. The final step in choosing the right camera for your needs and budget will depend on brand reputation and range: in this, Nikon and Canon are the two brands that usually come out on top. Even an annual trek outside of your town or municipality will birth fantastic memories and pictures with either a Canon or a Nikon, but which brand should you get?

Budget: Canon or Nikon

If you have a limited budget, the camera you can get value for your money is the Canon EOS Rebel Tl1 SLR Digital. The lens that works perfectly is the Canon EF 7-300mm f/4-5/6 IS USM. There is no Nikon counterpart.

For an unlimited budget, obviously you still have to buy with value in mind. It’s never just about the price tag. For Canon, professionals recommend the Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera with the EF 100 to 400 mm lens or the Canon lens autofocus EF 70 to 200 mm. The Nikon has the SLR digital camera D3x with Nikon lens AF VR Zoom 80 to 400 mm or the 80 to 200 mm.

If you still have funds, invest in a telephoto (500 mm to 700 mm) lens for either brand. This is what you can use to capture wildlife in their natural habitat.

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What Kind of Photographer Are You?

Some photographers prefer animals to plants; people to animals; or landscape above everything else. Before choosing your brand, it’s important to have a clue on the kind of shots you want to take most. For instance, if you like landscape, a lens with 10 mm to 70 mm range is fine and will provide you with spectacular results.

What about Compact Cameras?

Canon and Nikon have excellent compact cameras for amateur photographers, and with the advent of highly portable computing devices like iPhones, iPads and tablet computers, you can edit your photos almost immediately after taking them. These are also known as the Point-And-Click cameras, and both brands have wonderful choices. Needless to say, these are perfect choices for close up shots because they’re light and user-friendly. Both brands have compact cameras with wide zoom ranges and a flash; and they can often fit in your back pocket without danger of falling out.

With Nikon, the Coolpix L22 is a great pick, while for Canon there are two options; you can either get the Canon Powershot S95 or the Canon Powershot SD4000 IS Digital ELPH Camera. It will boil down to how much you want to spend. Keep in mind though that this is an investment and expected to function for many years. Thus, if you want to end up selling your photographs, it’s a good idea to spend more on the lens than the camera itself.

Comparing Technologies: Nikon and Canon

If you want something easy to learn, pick the Canon. It’s less technical and therefore you won’t get confused with the features. The Nikon is a more of a professional camera brand because it generally has more features in one model than its Canon counterpart.

To help you decide, you could check the accompanying accessories or optional buys. Find out the nearest service center convenient to you and the kinds of camera bags available.

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